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New side project

March 11, 2018
New side project

I have a new side project. Hooray!

I love new projects. Wait, I should say: I love STARTING new projects. Oh wait, to be even more precise I should say: I love THINKING about starting new projects. Most of my ideas for side projects die while overthinking them, but this one made it to the phase that is way more important than thinking and planning —the topic of the project is so urgent (for me) that it is time to actually DO something about it. So let’s get started.

My new side project focuses on the way of organising tasks and appointments in work and daily life. The reason I want to dig into this matter is simply that I have some serious issues with it.

From time to time I feel completely lost and overwhelmed by the amount of tasks I have to do. It feels like whatever I do, the next task is already waiting impatiently and I will never be able to finish everything. It becomes even worse because more and more tasks are piling up over time until I am 100% sure that it is absolutely impossible for any human being to ever finish them of. Ahhhhh!

Over the years I read countless articles and tried tons of techniques to solve this problem and I became better at dealing with it indeed. But it still is an issue and I am not willing to stop doing something about it!

While looking for solutions I often talked with friends about this topic. It was always very interesting to hear about their personal methods of dealing with tasks. I was surprised to find out that:

  • People have very different strategies and tools they use to organise themselves.
  • A strategy that might be useful for one person isn’t necessarily useful for another person.
  • It seems like there is not THE one perfect strategy.

This is where my side project starts: I want to learn more about the way people handle tasks. My primary goal is to find a strategy that can help me in the future. Furthermore it would be great if my results could be useful for other people as well.

As I mentioned I already spoke to friends about their strategies, but it was more within a conversation that also had other topics. So, my next step is to do proper interviews with people.

To be continued …

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