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March 20, 2015

You may notice, this post is different from the previous posts. It contains tons of words, but no drawings and yes, it is written in English. I decided to change the direction of this blog and here is how and why:

So far …

Over the last years I’ve always tried to find a nice side project that I can work on regularly besides my job. Something creative I can train a new skill with. I collected lots of inspiring examples of great people who came up with a nice idea, set up some rules and created awesome things on a daily or weekly basis. After a certain time they could look on an impressive collection of awesome letters, cool drawings or beautiful poems, and the whole process seemed to be a lot of fun. I tried this as well, but somehow it was not the supereasyfun-thing I expected it to be. I stopped counting how often I started very enthusiastically with a new side project and after two weeks was somehow completely unable to continue.

Some projects even survived, for example the info-riddles I did for one year (www.periphereswissen.de). It actually was a lot of fun to do it and I was able to keep doing it regularly but, as it happens so often, I realized quickly that it was way more work than I expected (Surprise! Surprise!) and I wanted to try out new things as well.

This blog was actually a side project as well and I had the goal to draw something at least weekly – didn’t work out that well …

So at the beginning of this year I sat down like every year and thought about what I achieved in the last the year and what I would like to do this year. I was checking my very long list with ideas for regular side projects and trying to decide which one I would give the next try. But suddenly I thought: „NO! This has to stop!“ I will not pick one of these ideas, try a bit and then get bored or otherwise unable to work on it daily or weekly until I finally throw it away, which makes me feel like a loser each and every time! I recognized that this pattern had to change.

So maybe I should accept that doing something regularly with fixed rules to a very certain topic is just not for me. Maybe I should accept that constantly coming up with new ideas, thoughts and interests but not focussing on one of these for an extended time is for me. And maybe I should instead take every one of these new little things popping up in my head from time to time and try to follow them for a while until I don’t see a need to follow them any longer and focus on the next one. I know that it is definitely not wise to always jump from one thing to the next and that you should try to stick to something for a while, even or especially if it starts to become hard to go on with. But I tried and failed again and again.

From now on …

I will go where my motivation leads me to. Of course I will try to focus on a thing for a certain amount of time, but not in the the strict way I tried before.

I will browse through my life, focussed and with open eyes, and take whatever interesting thing crosses my path and write about it, think about or even better, do something about it! And this blog will be my logbook where I document everything I explore. So, from now on, my goal will be to EXPLORE!

I also noticed that during the last months I started to orientate myself in new directions workwise. Doing mostly visual design for websites in the beginning of my career, I became more and more curious about topics like interaction design and user experience. This is a quite big field to jump into and it is incredible exciting to discover! So  I want to focus more on this area and explore it. I am not sure where it will lead me, but I am pretty sure it will be super interesting and a lot of fun! Yeah!


PS: Since most of the stuff I read is in English, a lot of my friends speak English, and I also speak mostly English at work, I might as well (try to) write in English …

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